Friday, December 30, 2016

It worked once, so lets try it again.

After digging around in the garage the other day I FINALLY found my workout DVDs.

I used to workout in the garage because I had the most room out there.  Since then, I rearranged so I can workout in the house.  Plus it 30 degrees out right now.

 I really loved these DVDs.  They were a challenge but fun.  I even ended up getting on Spotify and downloaded the playlist to jog to when I used to go to the gym.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

6:08 am 12/27/2016

This morning Im getting the kids up and then meal prep🍴.

I didnt have any chicken like I thought I did but I do have a huge amount of turkey breast so that works.

I feel rough this morning.  I think its the dread of weaning off tea.  That's my poison.   I would say I have had 3 cans of pop this year.  But unsweet tea..... I make a gallon pitcher every day and Id say I drink half.  And usually 2 cups of coffee.

If I can get this weeks meal prep done before day light, before chores, Ill be on time for the day.💪

I plan on working out this evening after the kids go to bed.  Pics will be on Instagram later.

“Exercise is a dirty word. Every time I hear it I wash my mouth out with chocolate.” – Charles M. Schulz

Monday, December 26, 2016

1:52 pm, 12/26/2016

I am sitting at my makeshift computer desk the day after Christmas feeling so  blah.  

I swore I would never get back to this point.
I lost 106 pounds once - in 10 months too.
I just got off the scale.....
               read 199.

I eat because I can.  No reason.  I am rarely hungry.

I keep making excuses.
I have 9 kids.
Ive had 2 babies since my weight loss
I had an emergency c-section last time....
                                         .......nearly 14 months ago.....

I am scared to lose the weight this time.
I have extra skin on my stomach.
What will happen to it?
Will it sag and hang?
Will it go away.  Not likely.

A tummy tuck will never be an option.
Can I deal with it?
Can I deal with being over weight one more day?


I just scanned Instagram and I cannot believe how motivated it makes me to see strong women taking charge of themselves.  

I can do this again.

I will do this again.

Dropping 50 will not be easy.  But I HAVE done it.

Watch out 2017.

I'm on Instagram!

Im here!   I started an Instagram account to take pictures of my progress and to keep me accountable.  I know I am crazy for putting myself out there but it could be possible to motivate someone else out there so.... Here I am.  Starting weigh in coming soon....