Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shoes dont fit...

I was So excited when I got home yesterday!  I opened the mail box and there was a post it note for the mail man saying there was a package on my back porch!

The shoes were here!!
Oh, how I loved them online!
So I put them on and I TRIED to like them.  I really.  Really. did.    I go foot bare or flip flops 99% of the time.  I hate shoes.  I have a narrow/regular heel and a wider toe so finding a good show is next to impossible - at least in my budget.
These had No suppport on the side and top - the material is flimsy at best. Not much arch support and have HARD soles.  *sigh* My toe was at the end but not so tight I wouldnt wear them
I got them on sale for $39.99 from $89.99 - Thought I got a good I get to send them back at my expense and try again....  On the up side I have lost another 2 pounds!

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