Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ok - things are STARTING to get lined out. We are living like normal people but we are still not unpacked. Whoever thinks you can unpack a house with 7 kids underfoot is nuts. JOhn is driving to work and back everyday (2+hours total) and working 10 hour days so by the time he gets home does chores its time to eat then off to bed. Every weekend so far we have either had company or had to go somewhere so the unpacking is nill and so has my eating healthy. I have to admit I am doing rather well but my scale is not. Poor thing was crushed in the last move. So I cannot report my weight. It will be at least 2 weeks before I go back to Walmart so I hope to get in the grove of typing more between now and then. So my cousin suggested that I needed a pumpkin intervention. Mainly because I had over 108 pumpkin type recipe pins on Pinterest over the course of about 4 hours a couple of weeks ago........ Well heres my version of therapy......

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