Tuesday, June 12, 2012

less than 24 hours old

I cannot count how many blogs I have started, then stopped, then changed the name, then deleted, then started again.

Here is the jist.

I am a SAHM to 7 wonderful kids. I delivered # 7 yesterday morning at home at 3:06 am- it wasnt planned to be at home. As a matter of fact I had a scheduled induction at 5 am yesterday morning pending the hospital had room for me. I have always had an epidural at the hospital. That story will be saved for another day :)

As I look in the mirror this morning I am disgusted. My body is that of a mom who care more for her children than of herself- which in my mind is as it should be- BUT going into summer sweating like a pig because you have to wear bulky layers to hide your fatness....well, it aint no cup of tea.

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