Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fresh start, starts today!

Ok - I have talked to my Dr. and he has given me the green light to start working out "within reason" Well let me tell you- I am so far out of shape that I dont think I could over do it if I tried! I would give up before I get anywhere near that.

The baby is 10 days old- you may thing that the Dr is crazy for saying I can start this early but this is baby #7 and he knows what I am capable of- I was still loading feed bags into the suburban the weekend before I had her. I am fairly strong but if it comes to walking/jogging or very much cardio, I'm done for.

I weighed myself this morning.....241.6 pounds

I have lost a few since my last post- Trying to eat healthier, Lots of water, breastfeeding (failing horriably again), doing my daily chores outside, and nothing after 8pm.

I also went to the store yesterday and got fish, lettuce, dry beans, and a bunch of other stuff for me.

So far this morning for breakfast I had a 2oz piece of chicken and a low cal bagel with a dab cream cheese from our goat milk and a lot of water!

Just so we are clear- I have this blog to try to keep tabs on myself- this is in NO WAY ment to tell anyone how or what to do. We have a milk cow so we have whole milk, real butter & I cook with lard sometimes. At the same time I use a lot of whole wheat flour, farm fresh eggs (ours) sweeten with our honey and eat several all veggie meals a week since I am not big on red meat and I am the only one who cooks!

I wont be calorie counting, and really dont care how much weight I loose. I just want to feel good again in my body!.
My thought is around 60 pounds till I get to that point but would't have to be.

My goal is to post nightly with a wrap up of the day- listing what I ate and if I actually worked out at all.

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