Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day # 4

So today started so promising! I was really hoping to get a lot of laundry done and hanging out on the line since it was going to be so hot today..... well lets just say the dirty laundry is spilling over into the kitchen now. I managed to wash the cloth diapers and thats about it - 2 whole loads.

Well I did eat pretty well today.

Breakfast - Whole wheat and oat pancakes with a light honey drizzle & h2o

My MIL called and invited us to lunch at her house with our nephews. Any way I get out of messing up my kitchen I am all for!

Lunch - Spaghetti with fresh basil and garlic - green beans fresh out of the garden with red potatos- fresh coleslaw and unsweet tea- I kept my portions reasonable and only went back for more slaw. Couldnt help it. It was fresh from the garden and oh so good!

Snack - my kids stole my snackwells cinnamon raisin bars....grrr so i couldnt help it and ate a donut stick (yes, it was a little debbie )

Dinner - 4oz Swai fish fillet, grilled with fresh garlic & parsley. 3 tbl shreadded cheese and 2 tortillas with some sprouts. Water. I need to get some more lemons to add to my water!

I will be taking my measurements tomorrow- and post them soon.......more embarrassment for me, Yea!

I am going to keep Sunday as my day off. I am still going to stick to my healthy healthier eating but I may not write a blog post. With 7 kids and John to get around for church then cooking a big meal I dont want to drop the ball! If I dont write a full post then I will give a re-cap on Monday.

Oh before I forget - I really didnt workout too much- I mean at all - I ran in the sprinkler with the kids and picked green beans....

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