Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 8

So its Wednesday 6/27/12.

I didnt get to workout this morning because We were running late this morning - I needed to take John to work so I could have the car to take Violette to the vet and run to the store.

By the time we got back and finished up chores it was nearly lunch time so I figure working in the garden for a while would be something.

Breakfast - Cinnamon toast on low cal bread - fresh OJ

Lunch - Oh this tasted so good! - Fresh fish- fresh parsley and garlic - fresh cabbage and homemade dressing for the slaw!!

Dinner was a recap of lunch - It was SO good I couldnt help it !!

After dinner I did walk 1/2 mile out in the hay field to help John clean out the hay loader.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Goals

I have been reading A LOT of weightloss blogs the last few days. There is some FANTASTIC people out there that have far exceded their goals.

One day I hope to be right there with them!

My goals are to loose 50ish pounds on or before Christmas 2012.

I was looking on my phone and found a fitness app called My Fitness Pal. Its also online and free! You can calorie count and keep track of your workouts.

I decided to go ahead and keep track of calories - make sure I am eating what I need to- no more no less-

Want to get ready to do the Insanity workout series - I bought them a couple years ago and made it half way thru then quit. This time I am going to go all the way!

Day 7

Well I actually worked out this morning!

30 minutes, actually i think it was a little more but whatever! I DID it!


So I ended up stretching for about 10 minutes (no I didnt count that in my 30 minute workout!)

I did -

10 crunches
20 cross crunches (10 each side)
20 bicycle crunches
20 leg lift crunches
20 side leg lifts (10 each side)
20 jumping jacks
20 girl pushups
then I stretched out again

WOO HOO - I felt fine after but I am sure I may be a little sore in the morning.

Breakfast was a plain pancake and a snackwells cinnamon raisin bar (I LOVE THOSE)

Lunch - 4.5 oz tilapia grilled and a salad of baby spinich (1.5 oz) with a big pinch of sprouts and a 2 tbl sun dried tomato vinaigrette and a tablespoon of shreadded cheese.

Dinner - 4 oz Tilapia, grilled - 1/3 cup shreadded cheese - 3 80 cal tortillas

Snack - health(ier) Zuchinni bread (recipe soon!)

I going out now to do chores and water the garden!

day 6

Well I ran out of time to post last night - actually I didnt run out of time per se but I was so dog tired at 1am, I decided to wait till today.

Breakfast - Oat pancake with honey h2o

Lunch - 2 leftover pancakes- h2o - i was running behind :(

Dinner - Alfredo rigatoni with fresh cooked spinach- h2o

Snack - skinny cow cookies and cream ice cream sandwich

Working out was gardening in the am for about 3 hours. Well I worked up a nice sweat anyway. And I am now doing most of the chores minus the horses and milking the cow (for now)

Monday, June 25, 2012


I thought about backing out of posting my measurements....I really didnt want to do it. Still don't. But I thought about it and decided this isnt my biggest I have ever been and that I have had 7 kids in nearly as many years.

Not that its justifiable but it is what it is.

~ Loosing Flab Challange ~

So I am thinking that I am not alone in my feeling the need to get fit. I think for most of us it is a consistent rollercoaster in our lives.

Almost 9 years ago I weighed 122 and had a 23 inch waist.....I realize that will never happen again unless I steal the fairy godmothers magic wand.

If I thought there was any way to track her down......


I fluctuate between 160 and 200+ (always after I have had a baby) then I will drop down 25+ pounds then I will gain and back and forth and so on.

I have been doing research to see how much one should work out, just in general. From what I have found they say (they meaning the CDC) that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderately intense physical activity each week. They say your activities can range from going for a walk or a jog to working out in the gym.

Well lets just say you take the weekends off so that would leave us with just 30 minutes a day. Easy-peasy right? Well if it were we all would already be doing it.

Heres where my Loosing Flab Challenge comes in.

I am giving y'all one week to get ready and plan, start streching and getting mentally prepared.

NO we start today! I know that there is a holiday next week and if you cannot muster taking 30 minutes out of your day then add the 30 minutes onto the other 4 days!

Write down your measurements or at the very least your weight! You will want to keep tabs on your progress. I plan to do this for the next 3 months (at least) but my challenge is for anyone out there to do it along with me for 3 months and see how far we can get together!

Remember to drink plenty of water and make healthy food choices!!

Monday morning will be weigh in time - feel free to post info in comments section as we go!

I weighed in this morning.......209!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 5

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.....

I have been lazy today. We typically dont do anything on Sunday anyway - breakfast, church, big lunch, nap, church, dessert, bed.

Today Gus was teething something horriable and I was running behind because I forgot to iron Johns clothes last night. We only had about 20 minutes before we needed to leave and I had not even taken a shower or ironed my skirt.
- Then the phone rings- the preacher got food poisoning last night and wasnt going to be able to make it to services today and asked John to fill in.

I decided right then and there we were staying home.

I teach sunday school in church, mainly because my kids are the only kids there. Its an old small country church. They converted it over to propane heat several years ago but there is still outhouses :)

So we stayed home and I let the kids pick which bible story I read them. Daniel and the Lions, its their favorite. Then we sang several songs and I called it good for the day.

Menu for the day--

Breakfast - low cal english muffin, slice of cheese and an egg fried on the griddle in just enough sunflower oil so it wouldn't stick.

Lunch - Grilled chicken on a bed of red lettuce with fresh carrots & sun dried tomato vinegarette and a small side of fresh cooked green beans with red potatos.

Dinner - you are gonna love this..... a slice of grandmas apple pie and a small scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was just sitting there screaming at me. I really have no will power.

Even after that little indulgence I went ahead and weighed and this week I have lost 1.2 pounds.

Measurements will have to wait till tomorrow. Its 6:30 and I need to round up everyone and everything to get ready to start the week again. Starting tomorrow I am going to start a light workout in the mornings.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day # 4

So today started so promising! I was really hoping to get a lot of laundry done and hanging out on the line since it was going to be so hot today..... well lets just say the dirty laundry is spilling over into the kitchen now. I managed to wash the cloth diapers and thats about it - 2 whole loads.

Well I did eat pretty well today.

Breakfast - Whole wheat and oat pancakes with a light honey drizzle & h2o

My MIL called and invited us to lunch at her house with our nephews. Any way I get out of messing up my kitchen I am all for!

Lunch - Spaghetti with fresh basil and garlic - green beans fresh out of the garden with red potatos- fresh coleslaw and unsweet tea- I kept my portions reasonable and only went back for more slaw. Couldnt help it. It was fresh from the garden and oh so good!

Snack - my kids stole my snackwells cinnamon raisin bars....grrr so i couldnt help it and ate a donut stick (yes, it was a little debbie )

Dinner - 4oz Swai fish fillet, grilled with fresh garlic & parsley. 3 tbl shreadded cheese and 2 tortillas with some sprouts. Water. I need to get some more lemons to add to my water!

I will be taking my measurements tomorrow- and post them soon.......more embarrassment for me, Yea!

I am going to keep Sunday as my day off. I am still going to stick to my healthy healthier eating but I may not write a blog post. With 7 kids and John to get around for church then cooking a big meal I dont want to drop the ball! If I dont write a full post then I will give a re-cap on Monday.

Oh before I forget - I really didnt workout too much- I mean at all - I ran in the sprinkler with the kids and picked green beans....

Day # 3 -- 6/22/2012

Talk about a crazy day. I have pictures scheduled for baby bug in Springfield (80 miles away) and had to drop of everyone else at great-grandmas.

After running around like a chicken with my head cut off all morning trying to figure out what to bring I just tossed everything in the car.

We didnt use hardly any of it, didnt expect to! Trying to get 7 kids clean and together and in the car for that long of a trip, I was just happy to be able to get whatever we could. Plus bug had a meltdown the whole time....Shes the best, most quiet, easy going baby--- but man, she showed her bad side yesterday!

So as far as eating today was a somewhat FAIL!

Breakfast - Skipped-drank 2 bottles of water

Lunch - snack wells cinnamon raisin bar & a diet pepsi

Dinner - 2 grilled chicken cesar wraps on whole wheat tortillas -water

Snack - homemade strawberry freezer pop (no sugar) at 7am

Exercise consisted of running after kids and being heavy enough to sweat like a pig 95% of the day.

Looking for the Zumba dvds to start working out with. Looks like they could be fun and the kids could dance along too.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Day #2

So today was about the same.

Breakfast - Whole wheat pancakes with agave nectar & fresh milk (yum)

Lunch - leaf lettuce salad with homemade strawberry balsamic vinaigrette and sunflower seeds & h2O

Dinner - Left over pancakes from breakfast (yes, I know, I know!)

So as far as working out today, other than chores again, I walked about a 1/2 mile give or take around the fields.

I wish I had some great interesting post but I don't....I will post the recipe for the vinaigrette


2/3 cup sliced fresh organic strawberries
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1/2 shallot, chopped
2 teaspoons fresh thyme leaves (or 1 teaspoon dry)
1 1/4 teaspoons Dijon mustard
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/4 cup water

Toss it all in blender and mix till smooth.

Will make about a cup total :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day one down!

So I think I ate pretty reasonably yesterday.

Breakfast - 2oz piece of chicken and a low cal bagel with a dab cream cheese from our goat milk and a lot of water.

Lunch - 4oz Tilapia with roasted garlic, leaf lettuce salad- a pinch of shreadded cheese 2 oz grilled chicken breast an 2 tablespoons of light house italian dressing - more water

Snack - an apple cinnamon rice cake

Dinner - Another salad with 4 oz grilled chicken, sprouts, pinch of cheese, and a drizzle of agave nectar, and you guessed it... WATER.

Now I dont consider my daily routine a workout but it still is physical work. I havent gotten things lined out to where I have time in the morning before breakfast to actually work out- I want the Zumba dance workout (or whatever its called) but that will have to wait for later on.

So for the days activities - Well running after 6 kids and a newborn is everyday but I did go out and milk the goats twice, feed them twice(hauling 5 gallon water buckets, haul loose hay, feed grain) We worked in the garden for about an hour or so then I cleaned the house.

Not exactly earth shattering I know, but I wasnt sitting on my rump all day either. Oh and as far as sleep....well I dont sleep much, never have but did get almost 5 hours :)

I only plan on weighing myself every 2 weeks by the way. AND I will be posting recipes along with pictures of some of my meals for anyone that is interested.

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fresh start, starts today!

Ok - I have talked to my Dr. and he has given me the green light to start working out "within reason" Well let me tell you- I am so far out of shape that I dont think I could over do it if I tried! I would give up before I get anywhere near that.

The baby is 10 days old- you may thing that the Dr is crazy for saying I can start this early but this is baby #7 and he knows what I am capable of- I was still loading feed bags into the suburban the weekend before I had her. I am fairly strong but if it comes to walking/jogging or very much cardio, I'm done for.

I weighed myself this morning.....241.6 pounds

I have lost a few since my last post- Trying to eat healthier, Lots of water, breastfeeding (failing horriably again), doing my daily chores outside, and nothing after 8pm.

I also went to the store yesterday and got fish, lettuce, dry beans, and a bunch of other stuff for me.

So far this morning for breakfast I had a 2oz piece of chicken and a low cal bagel with a dab cream cheese from our goat milk and a lot of water!

Just so we are clear- I have this blog to try to keep tabs on myself- this is in NO WAY ment to tell anyone how or what to do. We have a milk cow so we have whole milk, real butter & I cook with lard sometimes. At the same time I use a lot of whole wheat flour, farm fresh eggs (ours) sweeten with our honey and eat several all veggie meals a week since I am not big on red meat and I am the only one who cooks!

I wont be calorie counting, and really dont care how much weight I loose. I just want to feel good again in my body!.
My thought is around 60 pounds till I get to that point but would't have to be.

My goal is to post nightly with a wrap up of the day- listing what I ate and if I actually worked out at all.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Here is where I am

ok - I just gave birth NATURALLY at home almost exactly 36 hours ago.

Here is what I look like - remember baby # 7.....

and a front view....

Here is my weight *** 245 ***

Here is my thoughts-- I know I so dont need to be worring about my "figure"? right now if you could even call it that but I have had a REAL hard time these last few years with my body image. I could honestly care less what other people think but I am uncomfortable in my own skin. It has sank me down into a depression that is hard to deal with some days and trips my fuse like a bolt of lightening.

less than 24 hours old

I cannot count how many blogs I have started, then stopped, then changed the name, then deleted, then started again.

Here is the jist.

I am a SAHM to 7 wonderful kids. I delivered # 7 yesterday morning at home at 3:06 am- it wasnt planned to be at home. As a matter of fact I had a scheduled induction at 5 am yesterday morning pending the hospital had room for me. I have always had an epidural at the hospital. That story will be saved for another day :)

As I look in the mirror this morning I am disgusted. My body is that of a mom who care more for her children than of herself- which in my mind is as it should be- BUT going into summer sweating like a pig because you have to wear bulky layers to hide your fatness....well, it aint no cup of tea.